greenermountain is a small web design company located in Northern Vermont, that specializes in creating WordPress sites for local organizations and small companies. I can take your message to the web in a very affordable and friendly environment.

Site Design and Maintenance

I help clients get started from scratch or recreate their current site to better fit their needs or modern expectations. I can guide you through the whole process with personal attention and years of experience.

Theme Design

Already have a great WordPress design your using, but you’d like something changed? Need to incorporate your organizations colors into a theme? I can help by creating a theme that better meets your needs.

Hits From The Blog

S Simple Accordion WordPress Plugin

A while ago I found a great article on how to create a “stupid simple accordion” with jQuery. I thought I could use it on a few sites I was creating, so I created a wordpress plugin for it. I have to give full credit to the original author as it’s all his idea and […]

creating a WordPress plugin, part 2

Welcome to the second half of the tutorial. In the first half we setup the functions.php file and create blank JS and CSS files. The only thing left to do is to fill those files, oh, and solve our fatal error that I discovered at the end of the last screencast. With that said, on […]

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