Videos Showing Laser Alignment

I’ve been scouring YouTube to find a good video that shows how to align the mirrors once I’m up and running, and this is the best one I’ve found yet.  If you’ve got a better one for 50W Chinese Ebay lasers, please post a link in the comments!


Day 1 – The Laser Arrives!

And the real work begins.

I’ve been tracking this thing for a couple of weeks.  It left from a warehouse in California and travelled to my doorstep, or I should say ‘curbside’ today.  The haulers gave me a ring yesterday to setup a delivery time and to make sure someone would be home.  I asked if they were able to get it into my garage, and they said they could as long as I had a short paved driveway as it was coming in a semitrailer.  Well, I live on a dirt road and have a very sloapy, gravel driveway.  So it took a few calls between me and the trucking company and my best friend to ask him to be there when the truck thought it would be there.  We managed it and everyone at the hauling firm was very helpful and professional.  They even ended up pulling into my garage!

Photo Aug 13, 1 21 04 PM

We then set upon the wood crate with a cat’s paw and some socket wrenches.  The engraver was well packed and protected.

Photo Aug 13, 1 21 11 PM

Photo Aug 13, 1 24 46 PM

We put it in my basement, next to a window.  The ground for the house is outside that window and there is an outlet right next to it as well.  A great spot.

Photo Aug 13, 3 01 28 PM

Here is my ground wire heading out the window, it turns out you can still lock the window with the ground wire sticking out it?  Hope it’s not too drafty in the winter, I live in the far north of Vermont!  (My wife would kill me if she saw me post a picture of such a dirty window, but this window is so low that water splashes up from the ground in big rains)

Photo Aug 13, 4 40 09 PM

Now that the machine has a new home, I can start to figure out how to use it.  I teach technology skills to children and other teachers in my day job.  I really feel like I have a good shot at figuring this out and I want to try and document my journey so others don’t have to work so hard.

Today I managed to remove the protective cover on the plexiglass, and attach the air and water pumps.  That’s about it.

I think I began installing the software to use it, but it’s murky and I won’t know if I did it correctly until I turn on the machine.  I don’t want to do that until I have the pumps working and the machine grounded correctly.

We bought a laser engraver at work and we still can’t use it due to our ignorance of it’s inner workings.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I am more successful with this machine.

First Impressions-

1) This one comes with a manual!  AND it seems useful!  Our other machine came with almost no instructions and the ones provided were flat out misleading.  I like the documentation that it comes with.

2) The machine is well built and seems to be constructed with care.  I like it so far.

3)There is a lot to learn!!

4) I still need more parts.  Tomorrow I’m off to buy

  • Masking tape
  • a longer ground wire
  • a longer dryer vent
  • clamp for dryer vent
  • flange for dryer vent for the window side
  • a large bucket
  • another power strip

So, it’s off to the store tomorrow and then back at it tomorrow afternoon!



Purchased My Laser Today!

I just bought a 50W on Ebay!  I’m pretty excited as I have been taking a class on how to use a Laser Engraver this summer.  It really made me want to have my own machine at home.

Here is mine!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.32.55 PM

These lasers from China have really changed the game for hobbyists.  The Engraving machines are much more affordable than before but come with their own challenges.  You’ve got to figure things out on your own for the most part and that’s where this blog comes in.  I want to create a resource for others that want to try this one their own.  I’ll be blogging and recording the process as much as I can.

Hopefully you’ll find something you like along the way.

It should arrive in 2-12 days, see you then!

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